Monday, May 31, 2010

Well i havent actually started on the pump ogres yet, i find it easier to gather up all the parts to begin with so that i can get inspiration from them and get on a roll. So here's a few things i've been working on in the mean time.

As i said in my last post I decided to build an entire demon army from scratch, but since i dont want to spend any money on demons, im using sprue.

First up are a few prototype Spru-letters. The legs aren't right, but i don't really care, also potentially they should have horns, and they might yet get them.

Also in the works is a Spru-Thirster. For this i decided i should probably build something that was reletively cool instead of just cheap. So this warranted a bit more effort. Here are the legs so far, and the hips, all up 25 bits of spru have gone into it up to this point. Im pretty pleased with how it's turned out so far.
Here's a size comparison with a better shot of a Spru-Letter

So the next step from here is a torso for the big fella. For this i decided that a rib cage would be the best way to bulk him out, so here are some build shots of that

And finally here's another size comparison shot with the chest, next to a black guard. Behind you can see some mengil manflayers that didn't make the cut for my shade units ( cant have standards and muso's) also theres the special weapon gobbo's from blood bowl, and half an orange squig.

Finally i was able to get a near endless source of sprue, so i precut a fair amount, probably enough to build the entire demon army, then i picked up 100 odd 25mm bases from an actual demon army, so here are some shots of precut parts, and theres lots more uncut spru laying around yet.

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