Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pump Ogres and Mangler Squigs

This past weekend I played in a 2k fantasy tourny called "Rumble in the Bronx" out in geelong, fantastic tourny, run by a great bunch of mates. I decided to take my updated goblin list, with 4 pump wagons and 2 mangler squigs, pretty much my favourite new/revised stuff in the new Orc book.
  I had a couple designs sketched out for use as generic "pump ogres" in the ogre army, but i felt they'd work perfectly for mangler squigs, models who flail around wildly and cause destruction to anything they hit, friend or foe. So these designs jumped the que.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For Glory!

So, like every male ever, I loved the movie 300, the glory, the warrior spirit, the stabbing stuff with spears, and the fact that it was based (very loosely) on real events. In my defence of this bandwagon jumping I've loved ancient history since i was a kid, I should be playing historical wargames really.. but ive never found a model range that i really liked the quality of. That is to say untill i saw the crocodile miniature's spartan range. Daaammnn !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Disparity By Design

So the title of this blog is Noakes' rant, yet up till now I've done very little actual ranting. Time to change that...

I'm sure most Australian gamers are well aware of companies based in the UK and US like mealstrom and wayland games.These companies are internet based gaming distributors, and they sell product at an incredibly reduced price, as an example i recently got suckered in (hard) by the new grey knights, and after digging out my old metal grey knights from 8 years ago, decided to build an entire army. I bought nearly 2 thousand points worth of GK, for the princely sum of $320 AU, including shipping, not too shabby at all, now look at the GW price if i'd bought from them, and it would have been just over $700 AU, more than 200% the price..before shipping! ridiculous!