Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pump Ogres and Mangler Squigs

This past weekend I played in a 2k fantasy tourny called "Rumble in the Bronx" out in geelong, fantastic tourny, run by a great bunch of mates. I decided to take my updated goblin list, with 4 pump wagons and 2 mangler squigs, pretty much my favourite new/revised stuff in the new Orc book.
  I had a couple designs sketched out for use as generic "pump ogres" in the ogre army, but i felt they'd work perfectly for mangler squigs, models who flail around wildly and cause destruction to anything they hit, friend or foe. So these designs jumped the que.

  Firstly before i started work on anything, I spent ages looking for "wood grain" style plasticard, untill finally I found a cool little article on "cool mini or not" about how to make your own.


So basically i followed the article, but used it on plasticard to make planks instead of beams like this bloke did, so here's a quick idea of the way to do that.
first cut off strips of plasticard at the width you want your planks to be, (you'll cut them into the plank sizes later, as you can see above)

Next draw the hacksaw at a 90 degree angle to the strip, apply a solid amount of force to it, so you dig in and scratch out a grain effect on the strips as you can see here, then cut the strip into the sizes you need your planks to be.

Finally get your knife and cut out some irregular chipping into the edges, this works for the rough planks i wanted, for more regular stuff you can just leave it at the last step.

Ok, now that i had that sorted out, i could go into mass production of parts and really power through some building. So the first design I had was a bucket on legs with a whirly ball of death thing going on.. you'll see..

So here's the main body section finished, basically just top and bottom layer, surrounded by wooden planks, simple but i think it came out pretty well.

Heres the underneath pointy legs, pretty simple plasticard and some plastic tube, also this is a pretty good shot of the wood grain planks and how well they came out.
So next up was the whirly balls, basically its the back wheel of the currant metal snotling pump wagon, and a mix of goblin fanatic balls, and flagellant chains and balls, on some round sprue with some plasticard detailing on the top of the body

Heres the reverse view, also added in some plasticard rivets, just used a plastic hex rod cut to size and glued on, nice and simple
Painted and based, sadly the wood train effect got washed out a little with the paint, on the next batch i'll try scratch in some deeper grain effect
Here's a shot from the rear, its a bit blurry sorry, but you get the idea.
Ok so thats one mangler squig/pump ogre down, for the other one i decided on a "mech squig" basically a rip off of my mate owen's idea ( http://terrainforhippos.blogspot.com/ ) so full credit to him for the initial idea

This is the fella's cute smile, basically he's made from a bunch of plasticard squares made into a cube, then the jaw is 3 plasticard strips, with teeth cut into them, then glued into place, rivets are just some more plasticard, the eyes are some spare sprue and plasticard brows.

Heres a pic of the body, made from palsticard cut into rectangles and glued in place, the upper legs are spru covered with orc shoulder pads (the metal one is from an orc 'ard boys upgrade blister) the rest are random gubbinz from kits, and the big exhaust is from the killer kan's kit.

Front View of him, so cute

Ok, here i've added legs, out of some I beam plastic rod, and some other offcuts, and given him a snotling pilot

Here's the paint job, fairly quick and nasty, but i had to do this the nights before the tourny, the eyes dont really work so i'll repaint those i think, probably blue

Heres the front view

Im pretty stoked with how these turned out, i'll probably make a couple more mech squigs, but make them with a more rounded head. Also im extremely happy with finding a way to make wood grain plastic planks, its going to make my job building a couple dozen pump ogres SO much easier.

As for the tournament, these blokes did me proud on the most part, doing ridiculous amounts of damage when they worked, or driving directly into tree's and dieing when they didnt. Either way I got a chuckle out of them.

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