Friday, January 13, 2012


   So, I recently bought my first ever fine-cast mini, and figured I may as well give my opinions on the whole experience.

  Finecast as a whole has been something that's caught a lot of heat (thankfully not literally or they'd have melted..hah sorry). It's been advertised to us by GW as being the best thing since the sliced bread wheel, better to work with, better detail, cures diseases, exfoliates, performs excorsisms of the most ingrained demons, you name it. Any way I've not been sold on it as a whole, I like my metal minis, and the fact that the "significant production cost decrease" was passed on to comsumers by way of a price increase didn't really fly with me either.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A long time between pagodas, Spartan progress!

  So I'll admit it, its been a fair while since my last update! It's not because i haven't done anything, it's just that every time i got near my pc i'd have a little thing called skyrim, or battlefeild 3, or assassins creed, or deus ex 2 (to name a few) distract me. If i'm honest it's my fault for putting them right there on the desk top really..