Friday, June 24, 2011

Grey Knight progress! Psyflemen dreds!

 Literally the third thing i saw in the new grey knights codex was the ability to make a duel wielding twin-linked autocannon drednaught, I must say this got me pretty excited! I thought YAY i can make a drednaught that looks like Rifleman from battletech! I didn't however realise that it was actually a pretty stock standard build for drednaughts in 40k (not sure why i thought i was being original). Any way the GK's have the ability to make their autocannons strength 8(psybolt ammunition), making them pretty much the best gun platform available in the greyknight list, and doubling the range of most of the other anti tank available.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dragon Forge Resin Bases

  So i was recently suckered in hard by the release of the new Grey Knights. My excuse is that i have a couple squads of the metals from 8 years ago, so its not "really" bandwagon jumping is it?
  Any way for this army, since its going to be the main 40k army i run for a fairly long time and i expect it to be the tournament army i use at the VICC's next year (for our club title defence), i decided to pick up fancy bases for them all.
 I've used bases from a number of companies before, such as back to base-ix, microarts and scibor parts. This time however i went with Dragon forge, and I've got to say I'm really impressed with the bases they produce. The back to base-ix stuff I've used before has been pretty basic, but also really cheap to buy, the microarts and scibor stuff has been fantasticly detailed stuff, and also made out of a better resin, but i found them prohibitively expensive if you want to do an entire army out of them.

  Dragon forge however, I found produce some really fantastic quality bases, that are really detailed, and made out of a really solid resin but also cheap enough that i could buy enough for the entire army ( and spares). I ordered 40 20mm rounds, 15 40mms, a drednaught base and some hero bases from the "ancient ruins" range, and i think it came out about 60 bucks (though the exchange rate with the US helps alot, since the ausy doller is worth more right now)

Here's a pic of the order, although i'd already gotten keen and busted out a bunch and used them before i took this pic