Friday, June 24, 2011

Grey Knight progress! Psyflemen dreds!

 Literally the third thing i saw in the new grey knights codex was the ability to make a duel wielding twin-linked autocannon drednaught, I must say this got me pretty excited! I thought YAY i can make a drednaught that looks like Rifleman from battletech! I didn't however realise that it was actually a pretty stock standard build for drednaughts in 40k (not sure why i thought i was being original). Any way the GK's have the ability to make their autocannons strength 8(psybolt ammunition), making them pretty much the best gun platform available in the greyknight list, and doubling the range of most of the other anti tank available.
 Any way i decided i needed 2 in my list, with the ability to run them as venerable versions if i wanted, so picked up drednaught and a venerable drednaught kits. The Autocannons however were a conundrum, in the end it came down to imperial guard weapons teams, or the aegis defence platform kit. I decided on the aegis kit because it comes with a quad gun ( enough for 1 drednaught per kit) and it was way cheaper than the IG option, also it turns out the guns look better.
  So you can see above the final version i built, I started with the normal drednaught kit, because i wanted to do some minor converting, and see how everything fit together before i moved onto the fancy venerable kit.
   First up i decided to have it stepping up onto some rubble, so with some minor cutting around the knee an hip joint i was able to reposition the leg fairly easily

I used guitar wire to rebuild the wiring I had to cut away when i repositioned the leg, not quite the same size as the other leg, but it works ok.

 The piece of rubble is actually from Scibor, i really do love their ruin terrain, but its a bit big for models smaller than a drednaught , they basically take up an entire 25mm base.
 Next up i had to convert the torso to be a GK drednaught, this was also pretty simple, since i basically built it as normal apart from the central sarcophagus, that i replaced with the back of the grey knight terminator standard top, topped off with the top third of the sarcophagus front (I'm yet to fix around this with greenstuff). On either side i was able to use other parts from the terminator kit, being the paladin back-banner, and the shoulder mounted tilt-sheild.

 So far so good, all pretty easy stuff, next up were the autocannon arms which i felt might be a bit trickier. I chose to use the Close combat arm and the autocannon arms from the kit because I felt they would have the best shape after I hacked them up.

First up I've cut the bottom of the arm off, and added an autocannon directly underneath, then using the indent in the autocannon I cut away a section from the arm in line with this. I also added the second gun barrel above the first, staggered inward, and shorter.

Next i put a peice of plasticard into the cut away section just to level it out 

Finally i added the ammo drums onto the side. 
The conversion ended up being fairly straight forward once i worked out what I wanted to do. I then built the next arm the same way.

  Here's the final build, without any extra purity seals and detailing ill get around to before painting. The arms aren't glued, and will probably end up magnetised in case i do feel like fielding the drednaught with a different weapon loadout.

  In addition to the drednaught I also built a few servo skull markers. I scrounged up 3 of the old metal ones, 2 from the old inquisitor retinue, and one from the iron-hands hero shoulder pad.

I used some foam offcuts, shaped into rocky outcrops and stuck onto round bases.

The next step was simply using some paperclips to pin the skulls and then inserting the clips into the foam.
 Again a pretty simple conversion, but I think it adds a bit of weight to a miniature that would otherwise really lack substance on the tabletop I feel.


  1. thanks champ, lookin forward to some games soon!

  2. Looks great.

    Which ammo drums are those that you used. I am in need of some ammo drums for my Brass Scorpion and can't find the right ones. The IG Heavy Weapons Squad autocannons are too small.

  3. hey sorry mate didnt see the comment till now, the ammo drums i used came with the guns themselves, from the aegis defence kit, from memory i didnt even have to re-space them, they just came exactly that way!