Monday, May 24, 2010

Pump Ogre Beginnings- Giants and Snotlings

Well recently I finished off my goblin army, the centre piece of which is my Snotling Pump Giant. I actually finished the giant about 3 years ago now, and only now finished off the goblin army itself.

Any way a lot of people asked about the giant, and my response is always, "im building a snotling pump ogre army built entirely the same way" which strictly speaking isn't true, what i should have said is, "im going to maybe build an ogre army the same way...possibly" Any way here's some pics of the unpainted giant, I'll update with some painted ones soon
Basically i never liked the giant kit, and think that snotlings are hilarious, (i'd make one my army general if i could) so this is what happened.

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