Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goblins, Giants and Rumble

Ok well I promised some colour pics of the giant, sadly I only have the 1 shot right now so here it is. Taken at Rumble over the weekend.

The giant itself is made from a snotling pump wagon (the torso and neck) an orc chariot (shoulders 1 foot and other random areas, oh and the entire left arm) theres an orc bolt thrower in there as the right foot, the face is made from a pump wagon and a bolt thrower, then theres alot of plasticard, brass rod, and a bit of balsa. All this can be better seen with the unpainted shots in the previous post, so check those out.

So this giant saw some action this past weekend at Rumble In the Bronx, fantastic tourny (possibly a quick run down with pics of armies to come). I was able to come away from the tourny with best sports and second best army. Here are a few shots of the army, hopefully a few more to come soon.
First up is a pic of part of the army, night goblins with bows, and then night goblins with spears and nets, infront are the obligatory fanatics. Behind is the pump giant, some bolt throwers and the heroes.
In this pic are my spiders, and behind them my wolf riders and behind them the cheerleaders who act as animosity markers.

And finally the squigs, i was making snotling cavalry here but ran out of time and had to use a few orthodox squig hoppers and even a the pogo stick goblin from blood bowl. And yes the squig on the left has half eaten his rider.

So walking away with a few prizes from the tourny has set me up pretty well for the pump ogres, the prizes were a steam tank and a giant, so hopefully gonna be trading them in for parts soon, i'm thinking a couple pump wagons, a couple orc chariots, and possibly a scrap launcher or a skaven bell to get me started.
Right now however i'm working on a demon army entirely made from sprue, partially because like every gamer i have a mountain of the stuff, partially because im cheap, and partially because I dont think demon armies deserve real models and people that play demons are cheap fucks who need all the help they can get to win games. Sorry.. too far?

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  1. Apologies for the pics not being able to be clicked on and made bigger, no idea whats going on there. I'll hopefully get some better pics going soon anyway