Friday, June 4, 2010

Spru-Thirster Part 2

So update time, a fair amount's been done to the spru-thirster. So after last time the first thing i did was glue the torso to the legs, fairly straight forward there.
After that building upwards it was arms and shoulders, working out how to join the arms onto the torso was a bit of a hassle, in the end i went for the simplest method or building a sort of colar bone straight off the spine above the ribcage.

Building the arms i decided to bulk out the arms with more spru to get a sort of bicep/tricep effect going. Heres a couple pics of the left arm getting started.

So i was pretty happy with how that looked so built the second upper arm. It was about this time i realised i should have a pretty good idea of the pose i wanted, I pretty much copied the be'lakor pose cause he's sitting on my table right next to where im working.
So next up was forarms, since i knew the pose i wanted, pointing to the left and facing left, it was fairly easy getting started, 2 sticks of spru next to each other was bulky enough to look good on the arm. I also decided to give him Shredder style forarms 'cause it would have looked boring otherwise.

So about now i realised that the entire weight of the arm is resting on the 1 small join at the very end of the collar bone on the spine, you can see this here.
So this was making the arms kinda wobbly, and not at all sturdy, and im pretty sure this fella is gonna take a few knocks since he's for Beer hammer. So i reinforced the collar bones and lowered where the weight would be taken on the spine with a V shaped brace on the back. Also if you look closely theres now a Khorne symbol upside down on his back.. no really..its there just keep looking.
Ok sweet thats the major work ( bar the wings) done, so next up was the head. This is actually the most important, since its the focal point of a model it can make or break it.
So for the head ive always prefered the dog style Blood Thirster head compared to the flat demon head so i decided to give this a shot.
After alot of umming and ahhing I found that the Titan head, that wolf one was actually a pretty good wolf likeness, but it was angular and layered, so easy to reproduce with sprue. So what i did here was basically build 3 planks each 3 sprue-widths then shape them to be upper and lower jaws and then eyes and top of the head in one. Heres the upper and lower jaws with teeth.
Next up is joining the jaws together with a chunk of spru to form the back of the throat/head.
and finally adding on the top "plank" to form the eyes and the top/back of the head. This doesnt really look right here but i had plans on how to join the head to the body wich would build up the back of the head even more and make this look more natural.

So finally its the neck, this was epicly fiddly, because i decided that i'd use 4 bits of sprue, top bottom left and right. Getting the bottom one and the top one on the same angles, to join the spine in differnt places and the head in differnt places was a fuckin hassle, but i basically have an endless supply of sprue so was able to fuck up a few before finally getting it right.
Here's the head with just the top and bottom spru's holding it up.

After that i decided to really bulk out the neck with 2 more peices one on either side, So that was fairly simple once the head was in place, and i just brought them down to meet the V brace on the back, so that worked out well too.

Gotta say im pretty stoked with how this is looking so far! All thats left now are hands a Big fuck off axe and some big assed wings. But not too bad for a pile of sprue hey?


  1. Looking fucking mad mate, i love the effort your putting into this!

    Keep it up!


  2. Damn that looks awesome Noaksey!

    Top job so far mate! I'd seriously take this to a tourney... Prob a 40k one cos you know they'll bitch about it!


  3. THAT IS BRILLIANT! I agree with Sedgey... 40K whining for the win!

  4. How can they bitch about it? It's made from a GW kit?

  5. mate, people on the 40k scene here flip out over anything that isn't a straight up gw/FW or conversion of, a couple guys run entirely converted armies, brad who just commented runs a tzeench deamon list that is hovering eyeballs made out of green stuff, and he cops lots of flack, he also made 8+ dark eldar raiders to be black clouds (nightcloaks?) people flip the fuckkk out to a point he scrapped all of em