Wednesday, June 16, 2010

filler update!

yo! sorry for the complete lack of updates, life and all that jazz...lazyness.. any way i havent done much more work on the spru thirster, but i have built a couple more spru-letters, but hardly worth an update there. So i decided to throw a couple pics up of the latest things i have been working on, specifically for convic coming up in just under a month!

Ive decided to take dark elves, and due to the restrictions ect had to rejig my army, I decided this was a perfect time to include a pretty ridiculous lord, lord on foot with executioners axe and blood armour, over the top ridiculous and funny as hell! so heres the conversion i made for him.He's made from executioner legs, cold one knight torso, corsair head, and a black orc axe cut down just so he can reach the top of it, the severed head is from a goblin wolf rider, pretty easy conversion and green stuff work, ill throw some pics of him painted up soon hopefully!

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