Monday, August 30, 2010

Snotling pump scraplauncher

So finally got time and motivation to do another update! 8th ed hit and I've done very little building or painting, just games really, the deamons are on the backburner because I'm not sure ill like how they play in 8th, but the Ogres are inspiring me so I've started on them!

So, first things first! some snotlings!
Spent a couple days sketching out ogre designs ( ill throw some up later i swear..) then i started grabbing parts, orc chariots, and ork killer cans (40k) firstly, snotling pump wagons, ork trucks ect ect. I've got a pretty massive stack of spru's going on here.Anyway the first thing i thought id make was one of my scrap launchers. For the scrap launcher i decided on building something that looked a bit like this.Behold the mighty chipper, replace the chipmonk with a snotling..with aviator cap and goggles obviously, and replace the nuts with.. im not sure what yet, maybe nuts.

So first up i wanted to get a size idea, so that involved a chariot sized base and some legs so i could work out the width the thing would have to be, also here is the beginnings of the cockpit assembly, pretty straight forward stuff really ( white stuff is plasticard and plastic rod)

Next i started work on the top section, finding some pretty sweet parts from orc killer cans and then some fairly easy scratchbuild.

The most tedious part of this build ended up being putting rivets on every surface, so keep an eye on how many end up going on this thing.

Next up was the main body section, figured i'd go something easy and go a plasticard boxy shaped thing and just detail it, rather than have it open and have to insert snotlings and pumpyworks.As you can see, pretty simple body shape (this is upside down )

Here i closed up the body, added some leg joint outline platey things, and the big round socket is for a buzz saw attachment to go into later (as you can see on the original chipper picture)
More rivets.. and some plating around the flat surfaces.Finally added some wooden planking cause it was looking too 40k ish.

Next up was the big boiling oil cauldron for the back, i found a measuring spoon that was basically the perfect size, put some plastic banding around it and then rivetted that, then was thinking how i was going to fill it with oil and found that a 40k round base fit perfectly into it and sat at exactly the right hight inside the cauldron, score. Now just to greenstuff some oil over the top and its sorted.
So now i have all the main parts built its time to put it together.So yeh this is everything fitting together, the buzz saw and arm are a out of the box killer kan part so nothing interesting there, ive also made a little control pannel for the snotling pilot out of plasticard and the knob ends of empire cannon crew cannon..sticks.. at the back you can see the attachments for the cauldron to go onto as well.
Finally a pic of the initial stages of green stuffing, real simple stuff so far. Pretty happy with how its turned out so far, look forward to more frequent updates with some actual pump ogres to come.

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