Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Been A While

So, it's been a fair while since I did anything here, lost the urge to update, but i HAVE been taking pictures, and i HAVE been fairly busy.

So where to start, I've built an entire (almost) 2500pt empire army, (pics to come) sadly its unpainted, so not much interesting going on there. However here's a sneak preview of the Rocket battery.
I love making all my artillery pieces into mini dioramas, so the cannons are also built this way and in the background you can see the scrap launcher from my last updates, cue segway!

The scraplauncher has been built for ages but only recently did I have any motivation (a tournament) to finish it, I decided to paint the snotlings green this time around instead of the grey from my goblin army, because with so much metal and wood grey just blended in, so I went with fluro green ( and ill be repainting all the snotlings elsewhere) as a spot colour and I'm definitely happy with how it came out

Here's the final build pics, with added snotlings, on a side note i picked up the Gale Force 9 magnetised chariot bases, basically its a plastic base with the entire bottom being a strip magnet, for cheaper than GW plastic chariot bases, pretty stoked with that. They do however come with 2 slots in the front for the old school tomb kings style chariots that slotted into the base, easy fix though

Here's the only pic mid paint job, based with sand and some slate, pretty simple stuff.. as you can say i basically bolt gun metal'd everything that was remotely metal ish, then devlan mudded the entire thing, simple but effective, after that a highlight of mithril on the edges or any scratch work, for the red there's no devlan mud, and a straight mithril silver for the scratch work

Sorry for the picture quality on everything, ive been using my htc desire for the pics ( 5mp camera so not tooo bad, but no macro)

Below are some finished pics taken at Empire in Flames ( the tourny i painted it for). These pics aren't taken by me, hence the quality, They were taken by Pauline Hill(google her work, pretty nice stuff!). Pretty stoked that the scrap launcher won best unit at the tourny too, it also performed ridiculously well, so well that I've started work on another.

So as you can see its taken with some actual ogres, i had to borrow the majority of the army cause the rest of the pump ogres are taking a while, they ARE however progressing! But I've decided to build them in manageable steps, and most things will be pulling double duty because of the new orcs and goblins book being released.

The scrap launcher for instance will be used as a snotling pump wagon when I'm playing goblins, so ill be building another scrap launcher that can double as a pump wagon, then a mecha snotling driven rhinox, as a pump wagon or rhinox. A fair number of the ogres will become trolls when needed, and a couple will even become mangler squigs.

Ok since adding photos to a long post is a total f-ing hassle I'm gonna continue in the next post with progress on the pump ogres and another entire army (in addition to the empire) I've been working on in my blogging hiatus

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