Sunday, March 18, 2012

Night Goblin Hordes!

   Army 2 in my "pretty pictures of painted stuff" posts, a ridiculous horde of nothing but goblins, not even orc bullys on the warmachines ( that would be cheating). This was and still is my "go-to" army for tournaments, The lions share of it was finished in 7th ed about 6 years ago, but since the latest army book came out in 8th ed its seen some revision, with more yet to come eventually.

  Above you can see the "pump giant" and some war machines, the pump giant was originally created because i didnt and still dont like the giant kit, but since then he's inspired me to start work on an entire "pump" ogre army, a few models of wich find a place in this goblin army as well, the pump wagons, and mangler squigs, but soon "pump trolls" as well.
   The goblins themselves are grey skinned because im bored of green skinned orcs, and the grey worked pretty well with the red robes i used, But i also justified it by the excuse that they live in caves their entire life so they become bleached of pigment.
Couple of the bolt throwers, and bottom left is 1 of my pump wagons, as well as some of the many many goblins

Goblins! with nets and fanatics

The doom diver is looking worse for wear, hes lost the flying goblins, as well as the snotlings with wings

Rock lobber

rock lobster!

the mangler squig ive been using, better pics in a previous post of this bloke, behind him you can see some of my "squig cavalry" snotlings holding on for dear life

My warboss on the left, random hero then cheer leaders, usually used for animosity markers, sadly 3 was quite often not enough for a turn

The second mangler squig,

A pump wagon, well the remnants of one, i needed one for a tournament asap, so this is what got built

Pump wagon, and in the pump ogres army it will be a mournfang

Different angle on stuff, you can see the snotling being eaten, and the pogo stick rider

artillery again

The pump giant, sadly his paint job is definitely showing its age, pre-wash and pre-painting-skill, also parts are breaking off it sadly

I, like eveyrone seem to have a dozen of these skull pass trolls, gota make 'em interesting somehow so converted a couple
also you can see the fast cav, led by snotling muso's

Spider riders

This is my turn counter, not the best pick, but the goblin on the rock pile turns and points at the number, made with some magnets, sheet metal and a small round base on a large round base

There you have it, most of the goblins, a few things didn't get pics on the day, fanatics some of the old blood bowl crazed goblins, and some of my heros seem to have missed out, hopefully i'll get pics of them next time we organise to take pics at the club

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