Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dark Elves

  My beloved dark elves, I've been playing them since the previous book when they were quite frankly rubbish, but i didn't really finish them off till the end of 7th ed. The models that drew me to the dark elves to start off with were the Executioners, so i decided to make the entire army a khainite army, hence the masses of gloss red armour, however i never did get around to getting witch elves, so its not a very themey army.

I love this model, its the manticore with sculpted armour plates, and the rider is a converted malus darkblade

Executioners, the main reason i got the army, sadly i only got a front view, love to get some shots from different angles later

Harpies, converted from 40k gargoyl wings and slanesh deamonettes, always been pretty happy with how they turned out

Cold ones, i'll add in a pic from the side, i actually spent about 4 times as long painting the cold ones as i did the riders.

Hydra, with sculpted armour, otherwise it woudlnt have really matched the rest of the army very well

My first unit of dark riders, made from glade rider horses, and warrior parts with a decent amount of green stuff

The second unit of dark riders was made after the plastic corsair kit came out, which made the conversions much easier, parts wise

My unit of black guard, i always meant to re do all the black cloaks and banners, but never got around to it, one day..
Mengils manflayers, basically my favourite unit of mercinaries (barring the bird men of catrazza who are .. just amazing) they got used as shades, and quite frankly are amazing on the feild.

The man himself, Mengil Manflayer
The heros of the army, furthest left is altiar from assassins creed, then a couple mages, then my lord on foot with executioners axe, and finally one of the first models i painted for the army, the old assassin

Close up of the mage, lord and assassin. The lord was converted from half an executioner, cold one and corsair parts and a black orc axe.

The crew from my cauldron of blood, 2 attendants and the death hag herself in the centre. I may have forgotten to bring the actual machine when we got the pics done, woops, but its made from the base of the arcane ruins and a giant stone khain symbol that bleeds into the centre

  Thats the majority of my dark elves, at least the interesting parts, the rest are warriors and cross bows, all of whom require a repaint to be even tabletop ready in my eyes. The army hasn't seen a lot of play since the start of 8th ed. Basically because its "too good" in tournament play, Dark elves as a whole are an army you cant really " go wrong" with, everything synergises fantasticly well, and you generally get fairly poor comp unless you intentionally choose terrible armies. I kind of steer away from the razors edge hard army lists because I don't find it to be a very fun game for either side when one or both people are basically playing for keeps. Sadly this is something that my club is known for, which has kind of killed off my love of fantasy as a whole recently, but that's a story for another post.

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