Monday, February 27, 2012


So far all my blogs have been about random crap I've been building and converting, and the 2 dozen different projects I have going on all at once, between the 4(or 5) warhammer armies I have on the go, the 2 40k armies, infinity and now warmachine i have a lot to keep me busy. But I figured it was time to look back and show some stuff that's actually painted for once!

  So a couple weeks back I organised a photoshoot at our club, got some pretty awesome cameras in from a couple of the blokes, set up some lights and got everyone to bring painted models, armies, whatever they figured was pretty basically. The idea behind this was to get our clubs website up to date with some pretty pictures, but in all honesty the real reason was so I could have some pretty pics for my blog. I brought my dwarves, dark elves, and goblins.

 First up are my dwarves, sadly they're a 7th edition build, multiple units around the 20 model mark, and I've never gotten around to updating them by adding more models. I don't really play the army much, but Ive always loved dwarves, so I'm comforted knowing they're there when I want to pull the models out and set them up on a table and paw at them. They're almost entirely the old metal models, which i reckon have way more character than the newer plastics, but this also means they're super expensive to get now if i want to bulk out the units, another reason it hasn't happened.

The rest of the slayer unit, along with the command above they are 16 strong, barely a speedbump in 8th ed =(

Thunderers, i love these old metal models


Longbeards, these old metals are so much cooler than the new plastic kit

Bolt thrower

Flame cannon, ill be honest i've never actually fielded it

Cannon and extra crewman

Stone thrower and Random dwarf special character i forget the name of, demoted to crew

Miners, i actually DO have another 25-30 miners unpainted so... maybe one day

Organ gun, again this is the old metal version

Runesmith and the guy i use as my bsb

Dwarf warriors, potentially the only dwarf figures i think got improved with the new plastics, so they might end up getting replaced or surrounded by newer plastics
   Thats just the stuff I got pictures of, i also have a fair number of heros, anvil of doom, gyrocopter, and a unit of ironbreakers. Also i seem to have at least one of every white dwarf, and about 5 or 6 of the one that came with the magazine, and a couple bugmans (bugmen?), oh and the white dwarf riding bugman and gotrex, yup, a lot of dwarves.

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