Friday, May 11, 2012

Infinity WIP

  The past week has been dedicated to painting in prep for "The Taking Of Paradiso" infinity tournament, i figured i'd do a quick update with some more near completed minis, as it stands i have 3 models left to paint and 1 night to do it, so its definitely do-able.. we'll see how it goes though!
These pics are all still WIP, basically they're up to tournament standard for me, the bases will get done pre tourny though, but I'll come back after and do unit markings and numbering and symbols ect on the armour. I've recently switched varnishes to "testors dullcote" and apart from an intial issue with a dud can I've found the actual finish on models to be fantastic, highly recomending dullcote, and i'll basically only be using it from now on, it doesn't change the colouring at all, doesn't leave a powder like the GW sprays also it doesn't really dull down metallics too much, but having a gloss paint on varnish around wont hurt.

Tiger soldier with HMG

The fin and the blue dangly bits are for low orbit combat jumps, apparently 

Ko Dali, named drop troop LT

Dao Fei, since the pic i've fixed the guns highlighting and re done some shading on the greys, tried to keep the dark tone because she's a cammo trooper

Business in front, party at the back

My tag, hes going to get some big white numbering on the chest and thighs, and possibly the shoulders, along with warning "do not step"  and all that kind of detailing you'd find on combat aircraft, just havent had time for anything but the basics here

If I'm honest i wasn't really sure what the stuff on the back of the legs was, exhausts, or.. something, but i think it works with the paint job
 So ive finished to gameplay standards 13 of the models and have 3 more to go, expect some group shots once I've finished, along with a tournament report. Also these pics were taken in my attempted light box, which i think works fine, but for the fact i don't have any proper lighting. Oh well.

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